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Our goal has always been to make the easiest virtual machine experience ever. To do this, we use the best equipement possible and remove any blocking features.

Pure Solid State Storage

Our virtual machines all run on pure solid state drives, no SATA or hybrids to slow down the performance of your read and write requests. SATA based drives have a write speed of 120Mbps where as our SSD devices writes at 520Mbps.

Apart from the obvious performance differences between SSD and SATA based hard drives, there is also environmental advantages as well. SSD storage uses less power than traditional hard drives, this lowers our impact on the world. With no moving parts within a SSD hard drive it means there is no noise, vibrations and more importantly no heat is produced. With less heat coming from the servers it means we can ensure cooling requirements are lowered.

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Hardware RAID Hard Drives

Hardware RAID

You won’t find software RAID on our servers to cause slow downs. Even with today's faster processors, software based RAID setups can still slow down the performance of virtual machines due to the complexity of the RAID configurations. Simple RAID 0/1 normally perform at steady levels but anything more completed then slow downs start to appear.

We have opted for pure hardware based RAID 10 configuration to ensure the very best performance. If a faulty drive is detected by our monitoring systems all our servers come with hot-swap drives mounted at the front of the server. This allows us to replace a drive without causing any downtime or data loss.

Low Latency Network

Our UK data centre partner operates its own high speed MPLS enabled network spanning multiple UK data centres, designed for redundancy, speed and security. All locations have multiple failover routes to the internet with all intersite connections at a minimum of 10Gb/s.

Utilising the latest Juniper MX routers at the edge of the network directly connected to Juniper EX series virtual chassis switches at the core with the entire network being dual IPv4/IPv6 stacked.

Multiple 10Gb/s uplinks to tier one transit providers which include: Level 3 and NTT. Additional peers at LONAP (London Access Point) and LINX (London Internet Exchange) with service providers including BT, Virgin Media, Claranet, Janet and more.

With all of this, it means super low latency to our dedicated racks, from there our own hardware takes over handling the network with high performing switches and network ports.

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Dual E5 Processors

Dual E5 Processors

Instead of single processors in our servers we have placed two E5 processors for more cores and higher thread counts. This allows us plenty of available cores in case of any spikes that can occurs on virtual machines. These powerful processors are enterprise level hardware and been designed for virtualisation.

VMManager Control Panel

A very powerful virtual machine control panel, VMManager has been around for some time and provides a stable platform to manage your instances. As well as VMManager you will also find helpful integrations with your virtual machine within your client portal for quick actions such as rebooting.

VMManager Control Panel

CheapVM Green Hosting

Environmentally Minded

Our data centres uses the latest in evaporative cooling technologies which use upto 80% less power than traditional cooling systems, meaning a Power Usage Efficiency (PuE) rating of just 1.12.

Our racks are in a hot/cold aisle layout with meshed front and rear doors to maximise airflow and decrease the power usage from air cooling systems.

UK Data Centre

Our UK data centre partner located in Coventry, United Kingdom provides us with secure racks for all of our equipement. We have been partnered with our Coventry DC partner since 2012 and developed our services to perform at peak efficiency.

Included with all our services is a 100% power and a 99.999% network SLA to our racks. In case of a power cut to the "n+1" mains power supply, a 350kVa backup diesel generator will automatically kick in to ensure power isn’t interrupted.

UK Data Centre

CheapVM 24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Our friendly support team are on hand 24 hours a day all year round, so no matter when we will be there to assist you with your questions. Our services are unmanaged as standard but for those looking to have our team handle software installs we recommend selecting a managed package from our portal.

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Choice of Operation Systems

CentOS 6, 7, 8, 8 Stream, 9 Stream

Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04

Debian 8, 9, 10, 11

FreeBSD 12, 13

Plus many more

Almalinux 8 | Rocky Linux 8 | VzLinux 8 | Windows Server